Monday, May 18, 2015

Experiment #9

Love at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

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Experiment #9


  1. Get out all of your measuring cups, squeezey thing, and ingredients
  2. Take three drops of substance 1, and place in cup 1 full of white powder
  3. Take three drops of substance 1 and place it in cup 2 full of brown rocks
  4. Take three drops of substance 2, and place it in cup 1 full of white powder
  5. Take three drops of substance 2, and place it in cup 2 full of brown rocks
  6. Now stir each cup for 1 minute
  7. Record your results

  • Substance 1 which was dropped in white powder produced no results.
  • Substance 1 which was dropped in the brown rocks produced no change. 
  • Substance 2 dropped in the white powder, when stirred the substances would not mix. They stayed separate.
  • Substance 2 dropped in the brown rocks produced no results. 

That was a waste of an hour to find out one stupid little thing I could have done in my house. 

School ROCKS!!!

Big Reveal #10

What does my pen name mean?

It is a combination of memories that I will cherish forever. Chap. 2 grades older than me. All I knew

about this kid was that he had a really weak stomach. McDonald's was his enemy. His famous quote,

'Nope guys and I can't play basketball, I need to go home..' He got his mission call to Taiwan. All his

friends left in the summer. He put his papers in and he had to wait until October. So him and I became

good friends. We made JCW's run during school. We played basketball anytime we could find an

open church. We became really good friends, and someone I could trust with a lot.

Hansen. My next door neighbor, John Hansen. We've been neighbors for as long as I can remember.

He was also 2 years old than I was, so I was the annoying little kid trying to play with the big kids. I

got left out in a lot of things. Especially when it came to girls. But there is one thing that I could

always count on John to do with me, was play Pokemon and play basketball. He had every Pokemon

game ever imaginable. He wasn't amazing at basketball, but he could ramble off any fact for any

basketball player ever known. He recorded my voicemail and I still listen to it weekly. Hello, this is

Kyle Keith Porter. Former full-back of the B team. A teacher in the Aaronic priesthood. John 3:16

helped me through a hard time in my life. Sorry I couldn't come to the phone. If this is Marley call me


Sunday, May 17, 2015

My shoes #11

My shoes have been a lot of places.
They've been to Florida, Bahamas, St. George, Vegas, New York, Boston, San Fransisco, Utah. They've walked, ran, sat, and sprinted.
They've covered one of my insecurities.
They've been with family, friends, and loved ones.
They've witnessed happy times, sad times, horror, tragedy, sorrow, despair, excitement, and love.
They are good secret keepers.
They are always someone you can count on to talk to.
But they are just rubber.
It would be kind of weird to talk to shoes.

Shoes #11

Image result for neil armstrong footprints on the moon

They walked on the moon.
They took America to world supremacy.

I Remember #12

I remember when....

  • The US gained independence from England
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed
  • The Civil War split the nation in 2
  • The Emancipation Proclamation sought for equality
  • Jim Crowe laws ran rampant in the South
  • WW1 broke out and US finished it
  • The Roaring Twenties were where the best parties were found
  • The original Black Friday being horrible
  • The Great Depression to homes and families by storm
  • The New Deal created jobs
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to change the spirits of Americans
  • The Japanese bombed our home front
  • The US entered the second World War
  • The concentration camps where exterminated and Hitler fell
  • The women took the industrial field by storm
  • Black fought for equal rights and won them
  • Drugs, free love, and music was found every where
  • Big hair was in style
  • The US was attacked by terrorists
  • The iPhone came out
  • Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, and Robin Williams died
  • Gays and lesbians fought for marriage laws
What does the rest of our future hold? 

Jeffery L. Ames: In Remembrance #12